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Discover How Much Is a Breakfast Jack Today!

If you’re a fan of fast-food breakfast, you’ve probably heard of Jack in the Box’s popular Breakfast Jack sandwich. But how much does this tasty morning meal cost? In this section, we’ll explore the current pricing for the Breakfast Jack and provide you with all the details you need to know about the cost of Breakfast Jack today.

The current Breakfast Jack price can vary depending on several factors, including location and any ongoing promotions or discounts. However, on average, you can expect to find the Breakfast Jack priced between $1.29 and $1.99 at most Jack in the Box restaurants.

Next, we’ll take a closer look at the Breakfast Jack sandwich and its delicious ingredients in the next section.

Understanding the Breakfast Jack

Before we explore the pricing, let’s dive into the flavorful world of the Breakfast Jack. What exactly is a Breakfast Jack? This classic breakfast sandwich typically consists of a delicious sausage patty, a fried egg, and melted American cheese, all served on a soft bun.

The savory and satisfying combination of these ingredients makes the Breakfast Jack a popular choice for breakfast lovers across America. Whether you’re in a hurry to start your day or looking for a tasty and convenient breakfast option, the Breakfast Jack has got you covered.

ingredients of a breakfast jack

“The Breakfast Jack is a flavorful combination of savory sausage, melted American cheese, and a fried egg, all served on a soft bun.”

Breakfast Jack Pricing Options

Are you wondering how much a Breakfast Jack costs? The price range for this popular breakfast sandwich typically falls between $1.29 and $1.99 at most Jack in the Box locations. However, keep in mind that prices may vary slightly based on location and any current deals or promotions being offered.

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If you’re looking for different prices for the Breakfast Jack, you might consider checking out any current deals or specials available. Jack in the Box often offers various promotions, such as combo deals that include a Breakfast Jack with a side and a drink for a discounted price. Check the website or ask at your nearest Jack in the Box restaurant to see if there are any current Breakfast Jack deals available.

Trying to stick to a budget? You might also want to compare the cost of a Breakfast Jack to other items on the Jack in the Box menu to determine the best value for your money. With its satisfying combination of flavors, the Breakfast Jack is definitely a fan favorite that’s worth considering for your next breakfast on the go.

breakfast jack pricing

Breakfast Jack Variations and Add-ons

While the classic Breakfast Jack is a tasty option on its own, some locations offer additional variations and add-ons to customize your sandwich to your liking.

  • Breakfast Jack with Cheese: For those who want a little extra savory goodness, you can add a slice of American cheese to your Breakfast Jack. This option typically adds an additional $0.20 to the cost of your sandwich.
  • Breakfast Jack with Bacon: Bacon lovers can rejoice with the option to add crispy bacon to their Breakfast Jack. This variation typically adds an additional $0.50 to the cost of your sandwich.
  • Customized Breakfast Jack: If you have specific preferences for your breakfast sandwich, many Jack in the Box locations offer the option to customize your Breakfast Jack. You can add or remove toppings, adjust the condiments, or even substitute the sausage patty for another protein option. Prices for customized orders may vary based on the specific alterations requested.
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It’s always best to check with your local Jack in the Box restaurant for precise pricing details and availability of these variations and add-ons. But one thing is for sure, no matter how you choose to enjoy your Breakfast Jack, you’re in for a delicious breakfast treat.

breakfast jack variations and add-ons

Breakfast Jack Availability

The Breakfast Jack is a beloved breakfast item across the United States and is readily available at most Jack in the Box locations. Whether you’re on a road trip or just looking for a convenient breakfast option, you can easily find a Jack in the Box restaurant near you.

You can use the store locator on the official Jack in the Box website to find the closest location to you. Just enter your zip code or city and state, and you’ll be presented with a list of nearby restaurants. You can also use third-party food delivery services like UberEats or DoorDash to have your Breakfast Jack delivered straight to your doorstep.

Breakfast Jack Availability

So, whether you’re in the mood for a classic Breakfast Jack or want to try a customized version with bacon or extra cheese, you’ll be able to find it at your local Jack in the Box. Don’t hesitate to satisfy your breakfast cravings with this mouth-watering sandwich.


In conclusion, the Breakfast Jack is a popular and delicious breakfast option offered at most Jack in the Box locations across the United States. The cost of a Breakfast Jack typically ranges from $1.29 to $1.99, but prices may vary slightly based on location and any ongoing deals or promotions.

Despite any fluctuations in pricing, the Breakfast Jack remains a reliable and satisfying choice for breakfast enthusiasts. Its savory sausage patty, fried egg, and American cheese all come together on a soft bun to create a mouthwatering combination of flavors.

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Next time you’re on the go and in need of a quick and tasty breakfast, consider stopping by your nearest Jack in the Box to try out a Breakfast Jack for yourself. It’s a classic American breakfast option you won’t want to miss!