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Updated Dutch Bros Menu Prices – All You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of Dutch Bros and are looking for information on their menu prices, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the updated menu prices at Dutch Bros.

Whether you’re a coffee lover or prefer specialty drinks, we’ll cover the prices for all of the options available at Dutch Bros. We’ll also provide details on the prices for food items, including their secret menu. Plus, we’ll provide vital information on allergens and nutrition facts.

So, grab yourself a cup of Dutch Bros coffee and let’s get started!

Dutch Bros Coffee Menu Prices

Dutch Bros is famous for its coffee and has a wide range of coffee options for customers to choose from. Here’s a breakdown of the prices for some of the most popular coffee items on the Dutch Bros menu:

Coffee Item Price
Dutch Bros House Coffee $2.50 – $4.50
Americano $2.50 – $4.50
Mocha $3.25 – $5.25
Latte $3.25 – $5.25

Additionally, Dutch Bros offers a variety of flavor and milk options to customize your coffee. These options may come with an additional charge, so be sure to check with your local Dutch Bros location for pricing details.

It’s worth noting that Dutch Bros offers a “Dutch Luv” rewards program, where customers can earn points for their purchases and redeem them for free drinks. If you’re a frequent visitor, be sure to sign up and take advantage of the program.

dutch bros coffee menu prices

Dutch Bros Specialty Drinks Prices

If you’re looking for something a little more unique than your average cup of coffee, then Dutch Bros’ specialty drinks are sure to hit the spot. With their creative blends and delicious flavors, there’s something for everyone on the menu. Here’s a breakdown of some of their most popular specialty drinks and their prices:

Drink Price
The Annihilator $5.25
White Chocolate Mocha $4.75
Dutch Freeze $4.75
Caramelizer $4.75
Chai Tea Latte $4.75
London Fog $4.75

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, make sure to ask about their secret menu. From the deliciously sweet and creamy Birthday Cake Frost to the rich and decadent S’mores Breve, their secret menu is worth exploring. Just remember to check the prices beforehand, as they may differ from the regular menu items.

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dutch bros menu prices

Whether you’re a fan of classic coffee or prefer a more unique blend, Dutch Bros has something for everyone. And with their updated menu prices, you can indulge in your favorite drinks without breaking the bank. So head to your nearest Dutch Bros location and treat yourself to a delicious specialty drink today!

Dutch Bros Food Menu Prices

Along with their delicious coffee and specialty drinks, Dutch Bros also offers a variety of food options. Here is a breakdown of some of their most popular items and their corresponding prices:

Menu Item Price
Breakfast Sandwiches $4.50 – $5.50
Biscuits and Gravy $4.50
Burritos $5 – $6
Muffins $2.50
Pastries $2 – $3

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, Dutch Bros also has a variety of baked goods available, including cinnamon rolls, cookies, and scones.

And if you’re looking for a heartier meal, they offer a selection of sandwiches and wraps, like the Turkey Bacon Avocado or the BBQ Pulled Pork, for around $7.

Dutch Bros also has a kids menu available, which includes items like a PB&J sandwich or a cheese quesadilla, priced at around $3.

Overall, the food at Dutch Bros is both tasty and affordable, offering something for everyone. Just make sure to check the allergen information to ensure that any dietary restrictions are taken into account.

dutch bros food menu prices

Dutch Bros Secret Menu Prices

Did you know that Dutch Bros has a secret menu? Yes, you read that right! There are several unique and delicious drinks that are not on the regular menu, but can still be ordered at any Dutch Bros location. Here are some secret menu items and their prices:

Secret Menu Item Price
White Coffee $3.50 (small), $4.50 (medium), $5.50 (large)
Cotton Candy Frost $4.25 (small), $5.25 (medium), $6.25 (large)
Chocolate Muffin $2.50
Double Rainbro $5.00 (small), $6.00 (medium), $7.00 (large)
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There are also some creative concoctions that you can order at your own risk, as they are not officially on the menu and may not be available at all locations:

  • The Nutty Irishman: Irish Cream, Hazelnut, and Chocolate milk topped with Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce.
  • The Kicker: A spicy chai latte made with an extra shot of espresso.

Remember, not all Dutch Bros locations may be familiar with the secret menu items, so be sure to provide the recipe if necessary. It’s also important to note that some secret menu items may cost more than regular menu items, as they often require additional ingredients. Nonetheless, trying out a secret menu item can be a fun and tasty way to switch up your usual Dutch Bros routine.

dutch bros secret menu prices

Dutch Bros Allergen Information

At Dutch Bros, we recognize the importance of providing our customers with information about allergens present in our menu items. We understand that some individuals have dietary restrictions or allergies, and we strive to be transparent about the ingredients in our products.

Our menu includes a variety of options, some of which may contain common allergens such as nuts, dairy, soy, and gluten. We take precautions to prevent cross-contamination, but please be aware that our products are prepared in a shared kitchen.

If you have a specific allergen concern, we encourage you to speak with a team member before placing your order. They can provide you with a list of ingredients and help you make an informed decision about what to order.

Allergen Potentially Affected Menu Items
Nuts Rebel energy drinks, certain baked goods
Dairy Blended drinks, certain baked goods
Soy Blended drinks, certain syrups
Gluten Certain baked goods

We understand the importance of providing accurate allergen information and are committed to doing so. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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dutch bros allergen information

Dutch Bros Nutrition Facts

For those looking to make informed decisions about what they consume, it’s important to consider nutritional information when ordering from the Dutch Bros menu. Here are some nutrition facts for popular items:

Item Calories Total Fat (g) Sugar (g)
Mocha – 16 oz 380 16 43
Annihilator – 16 oz 360 15 28
Dutch Bros Blue Rebel – 16 oz 260 0 64
White Coffee – 16 oz 100 6 8

Keep in mind that these nutritional facts may vary depending on customizations or the size of the drink. Dutch Bros also offers options for those with dietary restrictions, such as almond milk or soy milk alternatives.

It’s important to note that indulging in the occasional sweet treat or indulgent drink is perfectly okay. However, for those seeking healthier options, Dutch Bros offers a variety of low-calorie and low-sugar drinks to choose from.

dutch bros nutrition facts


Now that you know the updated prices at Dutch Bros, you can plan your next coffee run accordingly. From their delicious coffee options to their specialty drinks and food items, Dutch Bros has something for everyone.

Don’t forget the secret menu!

While you’re there, consider trying out a secret menu item. From the Nutella Breve to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Breve, there are plenty of unique and flavorful options to choose from.

It’s also important to note that Dutch Bros is committed to providing customers with allergen information for their menu items. If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, be sure to consult their allergen information for guidance.

Finally, if you’re interested in the nutritional content of your order, Dutch Bros provides detailed nutrition facts for their menu items. Be sure to consider these facts when making your next purchase.

With all this information in mind, you’re now fully prepared to enjoy the delicious offerings at Dutch Bros. Happy sipping!